Bayer Campho-Phenique Pain and Itch Relief

Bayer Campho-Phenique Pain and Itch Relief


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Bayer C Pain and Itch Relief

3/4 fl oz

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Bayer Campho-Phenique Antiseptic Liquid, designed to relieve pain from minor cuts, scrapes and even sunburns. This medicated liquid soothes the skin and helps prevent infection of minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. This medicated campho phenique liquid relieves itching caused by insect bites, providing a cooling sensation as the camphor goes to work on your skin. Apply to skin but do not bandage. Do not ingest or use internally, for topical use only. Use as directed by a healthcare professional.

  • Size: 3/4 fl oz (22 ml)
  • Active Ingredient: Camphorated phenol (camphor 10.8% and phenol 4.7%).
  • Inactive Ingredients: Eucalyptus oil, light mineral oil.
  • Quantity: 1 Bottle